My Curriculum Vitae

Last Update: 19 Jul 2008
Contact Info
Address : Blk 231 Bukit Batok East Ave 5 #07-69, Singapore 650231, Singapore, Singapore.
Mobile No. : (65)93491645
Email :
Personal Particulars
Nationality : Indonesia Date of Birth : 10 Feb 1986
Marital Status : Single Gender : Male
Permanent Residence : Indonesia
Educational Background
Highest Education
Level : Bachelor’s Degree CGPA : 3.57/4
Field of Study : Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication)
Major : Informatics
Institute / University : Universitas Islam Indonesia
Located In : Indonesia Graduation Date : Sep 2007
Certification Year Obtained
Finalist of Bina Nusantara Programing 2006
Gigabit Data Network 2006
Conversation in English pre-Intermediate Lvl(ELTI) 2007
Employment History
1. Company Name : Signetique IT Pte Ltd
Position Title : Systems Administrator
Position Level : Junior Executive
Specialization : IT/Computer – Network/System/Database Admin
Industry : Computer / Information Technology (Software)
Date Joined : May 2008 Date Left :
Work Description :

* Develop, troubleshot and maintain the company network systems.
* Develop, troubleshot and maintain web (Apache and IIS) and FTP servers.
* Develop, troubleshot and maintain mail (qmail and Exchage) servers.
* Maintain network security.
* Work closely with the web designers and programmers in completing any given projects.
* Follow up and resolve issues regarding IT operation, system implementation and maintenance
* Managing large numbers of servers with (based on Windows 2003 server and Linux (Debian & CentOS))
* Manage, troubleshot, and maintain DNS server.
* Install / customize dedicated server for customer.
* Install / customize VPS server for customer.
* Running in day/night shift rotate.
* Manage, troubleshot and maintain Database server (MSSQL and MySQL).
* Workaround with Plesk as control panel for webhosting users.
* Workaround with Virtuzzo and Open-vz as VPS technology for webhosting users.
* Continue to learning all webhosting issue.

* Migrated website and email from old architecture to new Plesk architecture.
* Installed customisation dedicated server.
* Implemented VPS technology (Virtuzzo/Open-Vz)
* Implemented Plesk Control Panel on server.
* Migrated Exchange 2003 (Windows 2003) server to Exchange 2007 (Windows 2003).

* Advance level on Apache developing and configuration.
* Advance level on FTP (PureFTP, VSFTP) developing and configuration.
* Advance level on Mail (Qmail and Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007) server developing and configuration.
* Advance level on MSSQL and MySQL database.
* Advance level on *Unix and Linux environment.
* Advance level on Windows 2003 environment.

2. Company Name : PT PlayOn Interactive Indonesia
Position Title : Network Administrator Staff
Position Level : Junior Executive
Specialization : IT/Computer – Network/System/Database Admin
Industry : Computer / Information Technology (Software)
Date Joined : Oct 2007 Date Left : Apr 2008
Work Description :
* Ensure smooth operation and stability of daily production system
* Responsible for day to day all network monitoring
* Responsible for day to day backup activity of Production system
* Maintain and service company servers, computers, and networks
* Provide technical support for customer service division
* Work in team to design, mantain, and improve server and network structure
* Develop and implement integrated network architectures
* Follow up and resolve issues regarding IT operation, system implementation and maintenance
* Make documentation of system and network change, installation, and configuration.
* Implemented, monitoring and maintenance LAN and WAN.
* Satisfied network user in bandwidth management problem
* Manage network using MikroTik RouterOS
* Users Network Support
* Implemented, monitoring and maintenance more than 48 servers (based on Windows 2003 server and Linux (Fedora core 8 & CentOS) )
* Give the best solution to solve network problem
* Managing security issue.


* Completed gateway to gateway VPN connection between 2 Local Area Network to provide a secure connection.
* Migrating from Merak Mail Server to Kerio Mail server on Linux (Fedora Core 8 )
* Implemented and Monitoring MikroTik Router OS
* Implemented SNMP monitoring module on Windows environment
* Migrating Windows 2003 file server to Linux Fedora Core 8.
* Experienced in HP Insight Control Management (HP Blade Enclosure)
* Implement SMSGateway in Linux (CentOS) environment.

* Firewall, Switch, Router, Proxy server, TCP/IP.
* Experience to implemented gateway to gateway VPN
* Migrating File server from Windows 2003 server to Linux Fedora core 6
* Migrating Merak Mail Server (Windows 2003 server) to Kerio Mail server 6 (Linux based)
* Advance Skill on Windows 2003 server rights access user
* Network monitoring with SNMP protocol using OP Manager
* Advance bandwidth shaping skill with MikroTik RouterOS
* Experiences on anti-virus information product
* Knowledge in Microsoft SQL server 2000 backup and maintenance
* Advance skill both in Windows 2003 server and Linux Operating system
* Having knowledge in Mac OS
* Having knowledge in Dell and HP blade servers
* Experiences in maintenance game servers
* Experiences implemented, developed and maintenance SMS Gateway

* Overseas opportunity offered, with more challenge

3. Company Name : GECC
Position Title : Networking Trainer
Position Level : Non-Executive
Specialization : Training & Development
Industry : Education
Date Joined : Jun 2006 Date Left : Sep 2007
Work Description :

* Give education to students about networking based on Linux and Windows.


* Networking abilities.
* Good team player and Multitasking capabilities.
* Proven initiative and ability to work with minimal supervision.
* Excellent organizational and motivational skills
* Knowledge of Internet and Network.


* Seek for better career advancement opportunities and exposure.

4. Company Name : Laboratorium Terpadu FTI UII
Position Title : Asisten laboratorium
Position Level : Fresh/Entry Level
Specialization : Training & Development
Industry : Education
Date Joined : Jul 2005 Date Left : Aug 2007
Work Description :

* Take responsible to train student and give them exercise about network problem.
* Manage SisJarKom laboratory.
* Take responsible to monitoring hardware and operating system.

* Experience in LINUX OS (Fedora,Ubuntu,Debian,Centos, dll)
* Experience in network troubleshoot
* Experience in training other people
* Experience in routing, tcp/ip, firewall, subnet, and any other things that related to the network


* Have the best performance for 3 semester’s

Reason for leaving:

* Contract until August 2007

4 Tanggapan to “My Curriculum Vitae”

  1. ini CV apa novel ??? kok panjang bener 😀

  2. @Arda86
    Hehehe… ngarangnya kepanjangan ya :p wah jadi malu ada yang perhatiin 😀

  3. Well, U have good cv.. But do not forget where were you born..
    A part of your life history is in Jogja… Wish u success..

  4. @Redhat_Research_Newbie

    Yups, i was born in jakarta. Spend my childhood on purbalingga. And had a great years when i stayed at jogja…. I can’t forget that… thanks

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