Plesk disaster!!!

Another day in another week of plesk disaster! This plesk change us to a silly persons who didn’t know how all this processes running…

A lot of issues recently, force us to work very hard every weeks just to find out what goes wrong with the server. And end with conclution that plesk causing all this troubles.

Arggg… I think that management has enough patient to go through all this issues, with all customers always complaining about their email server performance, domainkey issue, or some missing emails on that Plesk.

Other thing that get me frustated with this plesk. It seems plesk make everything easier, but in fact something really bad happened. When i use Plesk Migration Manager (PMM) on expand, the website was successfully migrated, but the emails missing somewhere??? Who knows? where i can find those emails?

It is not easy to inform customer, especially when they rely everything on emails. They will get mad and crazy when they know all the emails are gone. And there is no way to recover it.

Plesk is mistery for me, only the developer can tells what is the true story about it. We can provide better services when we were use our traditional architecture before we implement this Plesk for all our customers. We can solved all issue on the servers.

It is a nightmare you know, we have to migrate a batch of domains from that problematic server to the new server only on 2 days. How many domains you think? only us know 😀

I only can say, i have to get enough sleep and rest after that disaster happened!


~ oleh indra pada November 9, 2008.

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